• Discovery: Job Squad will spend time in the community with the job seeker, and those who know them well, and seek to discover the answer to the questions: "Who is this person?" "What are their skills, talents, and interests?" and "What are the ideal conditions of employment?"

    Job Squad and the job seeker's supports will identify current barriers to employment and create plans to overcome those barriers.

  • Job Matching and Analysis: We will assist job seekers to explore potential career options--with the goal of finding a "job match" that is a "good fit" for the job seeker and the employer.

  • Person-Centered Job Development: We utilize an individualized and customized method of work exploration. We will assist the job seeker to highlight their personal contributions, and assist with community networking.

  • Social Security Benefits Analysis and Planning involves assisting in analyzing an individual's current benefits, the impact earnings with have on these benefits, and explaining the use of Social Security Work Incentives.