Saving our clients time and money with top-quality mail services, while providing employment to people with disabilities.

Presort Mail Services is part of Job Squad's Charleston operation. This advanced mail sorting facility provides automated letter sorting to the State of West Virginia under the State Use Program administered through the West Virginia Association of Rehabilitation Facilities. (WVARF) In addition, we accept commercial mail from private companies.

Presorting mail by ZIP code before it is delivered to the Post Office results in substantial postage savings, even after the cost of presorting. Our personnel pick up first-class or bulk mail at the customer's site and securely transport it to our facility. There it is sorted by ZIP code, packaged in USPS-approved trays, and then transported to the Post Office--all within the same day. Additionally, we offer postal consulting for companies seeking to reduce their postage costs.

Our Presort Mail facility is located at 1418 MacCorkle Ave SW Charleston, WV 25303, and serves the Greater Charleston area. To obtain a quote on your mail savings, call Jennifer Preston at 304-395-3291 or 304-345-4634.